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Şifa releases alternative R&B single ‘Angel Energy’

Emerging artist Şifa has revealed her new single ‘Angel Energy’, bringing dreamy alt-R&B vibes and melismatic vocals. There’s a lo-fi ambiance to the track, which adds to the intimacy of Şifa’s lyrics as she sings about an unrequited love. With hip-hop style beats and infectious melodies, listeners will be hooked on this chilled and catchy groove. Her first single of the year and fourth release since she began her career in 2019, ‘Angel Energy’ is a lush release from North-London based Şifa, who has a bright future ahead of her.

Şifa explains: “My name "Şifa" means cure in Turkish and my aim in this industry is to "cure" people with my sound, I want to be able to make music which everyone somehow, somewhere will relate to. Living up to my name, being the cure to you all puts me at ease all the time, sometimes peace."