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  • Paul Riley

021kid Delivers Gritty Bars As He Opens Season 3 Of ‘The Cold Room’

The highly anticipated third season of ‘The Cold Room’ has premiered on Mixtape Madness’ YouTube channel at 7 pm GMT and hosted by founder Tweeko. Performing the first episode for this season would be Iranian/British Hip-Hop artist 021kid.

In his freestyle episode, 021kid ferociously attacks the beat and delivers gritty and hard-hitting bars as he gives a strong impression of why he is the “father of Persian Drill music”. The flow of the Tweeko-produced beat is complemented by the artist’s distinctive pen game on the 3-minute-long song.

As the first Iranian rapper to have tapped into the UK Drill scene with consistency 021kid says, “I’ve always wanted to collaborate with big names, to build my demographic and widen my audience making my mother language within the Rap, Drill, and Hip-hop scene globally.” He is continuously achieving this by collaborating with some of the most prominent names in the UK drill scene.

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