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1000 Beasts and Tomike collaborate on smooth new single ‘Cherry Delight’

Prolific Cork-based producer, 1000 Beasts debuted in 2017. The project works on the concept of one producer writing and collaborating with a range of artist, improving each new track and gaining new influence, whilst creating music greater than the sum of its parts. Now the producer looks forward to late 2023, when his audience will receive a brand new album.

1000 Beasts is blessing us with a new, glowing track in single ‘Cherry Delight’. Vocalist Tomike takes the performance in her stride, with effortlessly smooth melodies shining throughout the track and her glowing backing vocals soaring angelically above the instrumentation. It’s drenched in ethereal positivity that is alluring and wonderful. Instrumentally, 1000 Beasts brings in elements of neo-soul and modern jazz to create a warm, enticing and organic feeling backdrop for Tomike. The production is clean and laced with just the right amount of spacey moments to keep you in that taking things slow headspace. It’s a musically rich single that continues to show off the talent behind the 1000 Beasts project, which is boundlessly exciting.

Explaining the track 1000 Beasts shares, “I first met Tomike during the pandemic when we collaborated on 'Ériú' with Body & Soul. After working together on the remix of 'It's Like’, I knew I wanted her to be part of my upcoming album. I sent her some beats, she sent back some ideas, and Cherry Delight was born! I love the track - it's a perfect mix of our styles, bringing a fresh vibe while still capturing the essence of my earlier work. So excited about it!”


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