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20-year-old American Artist Zahra Releases Mellow, Emotional EP ‘in my company’

Zahra is an American artist who is showing a ridiculous amount of potential. To be honest, she’s already releasing extremely impressive and polished pieces of music that indicate that she’s older and more experienced than she really is. At just 20 years old, Zahra recently released her sophomore EP ‘in my company’.

This EP really emphasises how beneficial alone time can be in becoming your true self, as Zahra expresses how being alone has helped her grow as a person. The music is driven by the gentle and emotional piano that Zahra plays so gracefully throughout the 5-track EP. She does a perfect job of writing and playing the piano parts in a way that compliments her vocals in each song, matching the vibe of the tune.

Her vocals also sound like a well-established singer, as she sings so powerfully that the listener can really feel the emotion and passion of each word. The occasional high-pitched twangs add a sense of rawness and purity that you’d expect from a young, emerging artist. She may be doing this on purpose, it may just be a feature of her voice. Either way, I love it.

Listen to this wonderful, emotion-driven EP and get lost in Zahra’s other worldly voice and twinkly piano.



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