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5 Artists I Love w/ Ione

Photo: Richard Carroll

R&B-Pop Sensation Ione talks us through her top 5 musical influences. Ione has just dropped her stand-out 3-track EP ‘The Tide Is Changing’ and we’re keen to find out more about which artists inspire her own music.


Mariah Carey

I remember being obsessed with Mariah growing up. I was struck not only by the way she used her vocals but also by the fact that she wrote all her songs, I started writing songs at 9 so that was really important to me. She is also a true diva and I love it.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was my favourite singer for a long time. I couldn’t believe some of the things she was saying in her songs; they were so candid and raw. I feel like she introduced me to a new way of writing - it didn’t always have to be pretty, rhyme or roll off the tongue. I love the way she said exactly what things were without always making it poetic.


I definitely had a room full of Beyonce posters at one point. I’m always inspired by Beyonce’s work ethic and commitment to excellence; I feel like I care a lot about my music but also the visuals and artwork because of the influence of Beyonce. I’m always trying to grow in new areas too, whether it’s picking up a new instrument or acting and even at the top of her game, Beyonce still aims to get better and try new things.

Kirk Franklin

Kirk is a gospel artist I grew up listening to and is one of my favourite songwriters of all time. He mixed so many genres with gospel like hip hop, rock and classical music that inspires no matter how I feel. There’s so much judgement about at what is “real” music and what can and should be considered gospel, but Kirk just did what he felt led to do and I’m always inspired by him to follow my heart.

Teedra Moses

Teedra is an independent R&B artist who truly does whatever she wants and only what she wants; which is very hard in this industry. She sings in a way that is so unique to her and even as trends change she continues to do her thing incredibly well. I’m always inspired by how she navigates the industry and her oh-so-real story telling. She seems so comfortable in her own skin, all of which is very inspiring to me.


Listen to Ione’s latest EP ‘The Tide Is Changing' HERE



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