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5 Song I Love w/ Javiere Inniss

Following the release of Javiere Inniss's latest single 'Down', we caught up with him to gain some insight into the influences that make up his eclectic sound. If you like Javiere's choices, be sure to check 'Down' out at the end of this article.

1. All of Me - John Legend

"One of my all-time favorites here! This song describes me as a deep, emotional person that will do anything for that person and love them will all their hearts. The older I get, the deeper the connection I have with this song. It’s truly a masterpiece!"

2. Up & Up - Coldplay

"This song inspired me to be creative and innovative with my own music and experiment with new sounds! I love the techniques and variations they used in this one! "

3. Skate - Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak, Silk Sonic

"A latest song from one of my favorite artists. The song is full-paced and action-packed with adventure, along with some silky smooth, groovy vibes. The violins almost remind me of some of Sonic the Hegehog’s OSTs that arrived back in the 2010s."

4. Hero - Thomas Harpole

"Heard this song in either a Spotify playlist or rotation from my phone. Had to put this on here because the flow of the acoustic guitars and vocals is effortless! The misty atmosphere at 3:25 is very relaxing yet so exciting as well."

5. Lover Man - Jimi Hendrix

"A classic headbanger for me. The tempo is flawless and highly energetic! The main riff is what really drives the song to its fullest. It never gets tiring no matter how long it has been."

Listen to 'Down' by Javiere Inniss

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