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5 Songs I Love W/ School Disco

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Following the release of their new album 'Denton Rock', Brighton's School Disco have made a lasting impression witht heir unique psychedlic-indie-come-post-punk sound. The new single and video 'Through Dimensions' showcases their ability to craft spellingbinding, swirling rock soundscapes, obviously pulling form a range of varied influences, and needless to say, I wanted to dig a little deeper.

We spoke to Rory from the abnd about 5 of his all time favourites to get an idea of what kind of music has influenced the bands sound. Over to Rory:

Hung up on a dream - The Zombies

To me this track is just the pinnacle of quintessential British songwriting, the harmony and arrangement just hit all the right notes down to the bone. The mellotron and guitar mix is bonkers and is nothing like what any other band has ever done to this day. I've only been listening to odessey and oracle for a couple of years and I wish everyday I'd known it all my life, truly classic.

Amon Duul II - Archangel's Thunderbird

This song is just so epic, its driving has a great riff, the drum performances are great + its weird. Its both Progressive yet catchy at the same time. Its a shame how overlooked Amon Duul II are and their improvisations were a huge influence on 'Denton Rock'

Black Sabbath - Behind The Wall of Sleep

This song just goes so hard. The Dynamic Shift, the Jazz influence, the heavy riffs, and the solo is melodic and catchy. It also swings so hard. Heavy music starts and ends with Black Sabbath yet I feel they are somehow massively overlooked. As individual players they are sublime but as a unit phenomenal. Those who get it get it.

Feeling sad tonight - Carole King.

It seems a bit harsh picking out just one song of hers as the output of her songwriting is almost unmatched for me. But she has to be mentioned for me when songwriting is involved. But this song in particular, I remember the first time I heard it I was hit so hard with its amazing piano sound and chords and it really connected with me lyrically too. It just made me feel something!

Ty Segall - Love Fuzz (live, Deforming Lobes Version)

This song and Jam just go so hard. For a live recording, it sounds insane. This is the gold standard for live recording. Its energy is off the wall and the performances are incredible. Plus it's a really great reworking of a song and just is a credit to how great a songwriter Ty is.

Watch School Disco's new video for 'Through Dimensions below:


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