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5 Songs I Love w/ 9m88

With the release of her sophomore album this week and a huge upcoming European tour, exciting things are happening with Taiwanese artist 9m88. The new album '9m88 Radio' is an 11-track offering infused with an abundance of styles and genres. We wanted to find out more about the music that 9m88 herself is listening to, so check out her hand picked selection below and be sure to listen to her latest release!

1. Jacob Mann Big Band - Pronk

I can’t remember how I discovered Jacob Mann’s music, probably some of my New School Jazz fellows shared it on facebook years ago. His music is eclectic and sophisticated but also fun to listen to.

2. UMI - Introspection Live Show ✨ ((Quantum Love))

I love this live session! So effortless and heartwarming. Umi’s singing is healing to me. I adore her energy a lot.

3. The Pharcyde - Drop

This is a music video I would go back and watch once in a while. Directed by Spike Jonze, the video was shot in reverse. I remember seeing a bts clip of the group trying to rap every word backwards, which is unbelievable.

4. Al Jarreau & Chick Corea- Grooving High 1979

I love Al Jarreau! He was the craftsman of Jazz vocal and singing. I can learn so much by watching his live videos. You can tell he was a true artist who admired music.

5. Cleo Sol-One

Cleo Sol will be very big one day. I can feel it. Her voice is captivating. And she’s not showing off. There’s a genuine and tender vibe in her. I enjoy this music video and how it turns out in the end.

Check out '9m88 Radio' and the video for 'Love Is So Cruel' below!


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