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5 Songs I Love w/ Alex Spinney

Following the release of his unique and innovative single 'Boodiyayay', we caught up with singer-songwriter Alex Spinney to find out more about the tracks that he loves. If you're a fan of the tracks below, be sure to check out 'Boodiyayay'!

1. Ane Brun – All My Tears

Sometimes you hear a song and it just immediately captures you, and that's what happened here. I actually heard it in an episode of Peaky Blinders first, and it completely stole the show. It's both beautiful and haunting at the same time, and the way she shapes and crafts phrases reminds me of some of my favourite country singers. It's solely her and a delicate, fast guitar accompaniment, and together in just over two minutes they create such a enigmatic, unique song.

2. Lil Nas X – That's What I Want

I mean, I am so excited that this guy is having the success that he is, and it's so cool to see a bona fide male popstar dominating the scene. This is also a fully proud same-sex anthem, and as a gay artist myself, it's pretty cool to hear him openly reference this, rather than go for the ambiguous pronouns to cater to the masses. It might not be his most groundbreaking track musically, but to me it is pop music done very well. Incredibly catchy from the start, innovative verses and a soaring chorus. Also, go watch the video!

3. Griff – Remembering My Dreams

Well, I genuinely could have included any Griff songs in this list – I am a total superfan. She's making pop music that is so engaging, really current and yet still incredibly emotive and sincere, which I think is quite rare. I went for this track, because I think it shows what she does so well. It's a ballad, but from the very beginning there is such a strong beat, and she uses varied, unusual percussion (which appears in a lot of her music), and it gives the song an edge early on. Then, when the chorus really hits, with emotive lyrics and melody cutting through that texture, it's a winner. The final chorus, which introduces a new melody to dominate and overlap the existing one, countermelodies and textured accompaniment everywhere – bloody great.

4. Mika - Happy Ending

At the time, this never got the appreciation that it deserved, and I stand by that! It's just pure pop, and when the middle eight carries on to intertwine with the pre-chorus and then finally the chorus, I challenge you to not feel just that little bit moved. I also love it when a sad song is treated with musical optimism, and the lyrics are some of the best I've come across for heartbreak - 'This is the way that we love, Like it's forever, Then live the rest of our life, But not together'. Who can't relate to that?!

5. Holly Humberstone – The Walls Are Way Too Thin

I only recently discovered her music, but I really love what she's put out so far. In a similar way to Griff, this is current, interesting, textured pop music, that still retains its emotional sincerity. Here, you end up getting this almost upbeat track you can walk down the street to, that also resonates lyrically and emotionally. I love the way she shapes phrases, and that's really on show here. The lyrics are innovative and engaging, and the production surprises you, mixing up guitar-led accompaniment with an electronic backing.

Alex Spinney - Boodiyayay:

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