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5 Songs I Love w/ ALI

ALI, is a singer born and raised in a quaint town in west Catalonia, Spain, who made the bold move to London at 18 to pursue her passion for songwriting in the vibrant heart of Europe's arts culture. Following the release of her new single "Lonely", we sat down with her to discuss her musical influences.

1. LÉON - Hope is a headache 

"That is the song that introduced me to LÉON. I’m so in love with this song and its sound. It will always have a special place in my heart."

2. Taylor Swift - Cruel Summer 

"I’ve listened to this song probably more than a hundred times. I can’t still get over that bridge, still shouting every time it comes. It’s one of my favourite songs from Taylor."

3. Post Malone - Chemical 

"This song just makes me happy and makes me wanna dance every time it plays. I’ve played it so many times that even my non-English-speaking parents love it as well!"

4. Bad Bunny - Neverita 

"I love this song and the whole album. It somehow reminds me of home and my friends. We always scream the lyrics when playing it in the car."

5. Bruce Springsteen - Born to run 

"Bruce Springsteen was the first live show I saw in my life. I got goosebumps when they started playing this song. It still does. One of the most memorable moments of my life!"

Don't forget to listen to ALI's new track below


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