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5 Songs I Love w/ Ana Galeli

Following the release of her latest single 'Take It Slow' we caught up with Ana Galeli to find out what inspires her eclectic sound. If you enjoy any of Ana's picks be sure to check out 'Take It Slow' at the end of the article.

1. World - BeeGees

"‘Number Ones’ was my first CD. “World” is a masterpiece. I would daydream to its call and response reflections. Making up my own meanings each time. Its seemingly simplistic yet deep lyrics, answering questions with questions, its formula, and of course, the distinguishable harmonies, makes it truly a gem. I feel like I’m always discovering something new with every stage I hear it in. “Or am I needed here?” The question that answers so many of our questions."

2. Dream On - Aerosmith

"I was 12 years old when I heard “Dream On” for the first time, standing in line for the “Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster” at Disney World. I stood stunned, listening to every word, caught in a euphoric state as the chord progression escalated higher and higher in complete balance and harmony with Steven’s proclamation. How could you not get chills every single time? It’s the song that plays its final note before turning off the car engine."

3. Drive - The Cars

"To me, “Drive” takes you far away, it’s my escape. The synths, the chords, Benjamin Orr’s soft and vulnerable vocals, every element of this song scores the moment you’re in. I get lost in it. It’s just beautiful."

4. Atomic - Blondie

Atomic” is full of flavors and stages. The riff, the bass groove, Deborah Harry’s opening verse, to the choir. Hello! There’s just so many colors here to explore."

5. Rio - Duran Duran

"It’s hard to pick just one Duran Duran song but I’m going with “Rio” for John Taylor’s legendary bass line. He just shines throughout the whole track.  And the layers, there’s so many playing parts. What’s not to love?!"

Listen to Ana Galeli 'Take It Slow'


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