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5 Songs I Love w/ Andrea

Following the release of her edgy new pop track 'Kissing Strangers', we caught up with musician and producer Andrea to find out a little bit more about the music she loves and why. If you're a fan of the tracks she's handpicked below, you're sure to love Andrea and her new single, don't miss it!

Jazmine Flowers - ornament

I adore Jazmine. The production is so interesting to me. Such warm synths. And then add on the lyrics combined with smooth vocals. I love the way Jaz writes about there being more to someone than the superficial. I get so inspired by the art she creates. Lana Lubany - The nake

I absolutely love the English lyrics that transition so beautifully into Arabic. The way she uses the snake from the bible as a metaphor is genius. Furthermore the guitar that serenades you in the beginning is beautiful, to then go into the coolest beat. Beyoncé - Me, Myself and I

Beyoncé. Do I need to say more? I know I’m not the only one that gets an immediate confidence boost when listening to queen b. There’s something about this song that makes everything bad a bit better. I think it’s so important for everyone, but especially women to feel good by themselves. We’ve been raised thinking we’re in need of someone, for either emotional or financial stability. Which is why, there’s so much power in knowing that me myself and I is enough. Justin Timberlake - Señorita

My. Favourite. Hype. Song. Objectively speaking, Chad and Pharrell (the producers) did an impeccable job. The piano riff is such an ear worm, combined with crisp drums. And then you’ve got JT’s smooth vocals and cool melodies. What’s not to love. It’s also the first track on the only CD we had in the car for years, so it became the designated hype song before any event. Gloria Estefan - Mi Tierra

My parents would always play the entire album, mi tierra, on full blast back home. The brass section is gorgeous, there’s so much passion played into every note, every word. One might be far away from home physically, however your roots will follow you wherever you go.

Check out Andrea's new single 'Kissing Strangers':

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