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5 Songs I Love w/ Bryony Matthews

Following the release of her captivating new offering 'Thinking of You', we caught up with New Zealand's finest singer-songwriter Bryony Matthews to find out more about the music she loves and why. Check out her hand picked selection below and don't forget to listen to 'Thinking Of You', out now!

Sounds Familiar- Owlle

What I enjoy so much about this track is the simplicity, there isn’t a huge amount going on instrumentally and the vocals pierce through beautifully, with striking harmonies. The melody line is so satisfying and I love the use of different sounds and effects on the vocals that create so many layers, they are subtle but very effective. The singer has such a beautiful tone, like creamy iced coffee. Such a beautiful song to listen to, my young daughter wants it on repeat on long car journeys. Hide- Little May

Little May are one of the few bands who I consciously draw inspiration from. This song in particular is one of my favourites. The drum sounds and rhythms always make me want to move, I love the snapping sound of drum rims being hit. The cascading chorus line and the overall sound of production is really compelling. The vocal lines glide so beautifully over a really punchy instrumental sound and the singers have such lush voices. Sucha great mix of folk and ambient pop sounds. Prickly Pear- Portico Quartet

This song always just makes me feel so happy. Such a lovely song with very few instruments, I love the sound of the combination of hang drum and clarinet. They sound so unique together but give a feeling of familiarity and comfort. So cute and mesmerizing and makes me wish I picked up that clarinet to learn when I was younger. One of those tunes I can listen to over and over. Fire- Waxahatchee

Such a simple structure, I find it very satisfying when a song so brilliant is based on a very simple writing structure. I love this woman’s voice, so interesting and unique to listen to. The repetitive nature of the chorus line is so great, it really drives the song, and when the whole band kicks in it's just such a feel good song. I really enjoy good drums and always pick little things out, like the off beat in this when the whole band is playing nearer the end just fills me with such a good feeling. We Stayed Up All Night- Tourist (feat. Ardyn)

I never tire of this song. It fills me with so much energy and inspiration! The simple hook between singing is so satisfying. The melody line in the chorus is uplifting and soaring. The whole production of this song is something that I aspire to in future projects of my own. This song moves me physically and emotionally, it makes me feel light and floaty and wonderful. The voice of Ardyn is so perfect and the collaboration of these artists is exactly what I want in a song, I seriously could dance to this on repeat. Love love love.

Listen to 'Thinking Of You' below:

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