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  • Alice Smith

5 Songs I Love w/ Chris Ostler

Following the release of his latest single 'Funk In The Trunk' we caught up with singer-songwriter Chris Ostler to find out what influences his diverse and vibrant sound. If you like Chris' choices be sure to check out Funk In The Trunk at the end of the article.

But before we start, Chris had this to say, "I have themed my choices a little as there are soooo many fantastic music tracks out there that have impacted on me personally, and also on my music development and style. I am interested in a range of genres, for example, from Good Charlotte, to Black Eyed Peas and Chris Stapleton. However, after some deliberation, I’ve managed to narrow it down to the 5 Hope you enjoy!"

1. Recent: The Kind of Love we Make - Luke Combs

"Think this is a great song that speaks to me with regards to relationships and with music, both of which I will keep an open mind towards falling in love with and trying to discover that ideal. When it gets tough, we always want to keep pushing on through because of the depth of my love for them."

2. Older: One Way - The Levellers

"Brings back the times listening to this with my Dad in the car during long drives together!"

3. Aspirational: Life is a Highway - Rascall Flatts

"Absolutely would love to be like, or playing with, or even supporting this epic band! This track is full of great harmonies, beautiful guitar blended sounds and great lyricism! Part of the Big Red Machine Label, whom I dream of one day being signed to!"

4. Bringing back fond memories: Under Control - Ole Borud

"Feeling a lot of connection with this older song. Lately as I’m having to learn lots and been busy with all the tasks of doing music as a full time career and trying to keep everything literally 'under control'! I ‘d like to dedicate this track suggestion to all my band and working crew for all their help and support along this journey pushing my music."

5. Songs that have lifted me: I'm with you - Avril Lavigne

"I‘ve had many moments where I've felt like I'm on my own, or that things haven't gone my way, especially when you've hit wall after wall after wall. But being buried by all this rubble doesn't mean we'll lay there in the ground and take it, as we always do find a way to get back up again and keep moving forward. Thanks Avril!"

Watch Chris Ostler 'Funk In The Trunk



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