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5 Songs I Love w/ Clarke John

Clarke John has recently unveiled his new single 'Sunsets'. The ambient rap track encompasses a variety of musical influences, creating a sound unique to Clark John. We wanted to find out more about these influences so we asked Clarke for 5 of his favourite tracks! Check them out below and if you dig his selection, you'll be sure to love 'Sunsets'!

03 Adolescence - J. Cole

I was 14 when I first heard this song, which is around the time I began writing music. This album was the soundtrack to my freshman and sophomore years of high school, and this song spoke to me more than any other on the project. The sample chops are smooth and brilliant, and the drums are just as animated as they should be. But what I love most about this song is how J. Cole uses his younger self as a window into how perspective can radically change how you view and appreciate your current circumstance. It’s my favorite song of all time.

Wicked Games - The Weeknd

Wicked Games was my introduction to The Weeknd, an artist who’s inspired me a lot. I remember not fully identifying with the lyrics when I first heard them, but as I grew older and experienced many more difficult things the song just hit deeper each time. The heavy guitar lick playing throughout compliments Abel’s calm but sorrowful vocals so beautifully. The lyrics are depressing but self aware- an acceptance of his own heartbreak. I love everything about this track.

Slow Dancing in the Dark - Joji

This is probably the most famous song that I’ll put on this list of 5. That said, I think it’s famous for very good reasons. I consider this track a masterpiece, which is a rating I rarely give out. It’s so unique as Joji typically is, but on another level. The main synth plucking melody makes me feel like I’m ascending and descending on a cloud. The way this song builds and explodes in the chorus is so well executed and gets me in the feels every time. Joji kills it vocally on here too.

Threat - Jay Z

Most people who are close to me know I consider Jay Z a top two rapper of all time alongside Kendrick Lamar. He was the first rapper I really got into as a kid, and the Black Album was the first album of his that I purchased. Threat is my favorite track on there. Jay Z sounds hungry and so incredibly confident on Threat that you can’t help but feel like the man listening to him. This track speaks for itself.

Look What You’ve Done - Drake

This is my favorite Drake song. I don’t think I’ve heard him more honest and real than he is on here, with each of the two verses being dedicated to people who raised him. The first one is to his mom, and his storytelling is just beautiful. The second one talks about his relationship with his uncle while he was growing up, and the listener can really picture his childhood. When it comes to storytelling in rap, this song is one of my favorite examples and it’s inspired me so much.

Listen to 'Sunsets':

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