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5 Songs I Love w/ DarioDMusic

Following the release of his soulful R&B track 'Same Thing', we wanted to find out more about the inspiration behind DarioD's sound. We caught up with the artist and he shared with us 5 songs he loves and why. Check his hand-picked choices as well as the stream for 'Same Thing' below!

1. Ty Dolla Sign - 'So Am I'

I really love this song by ty dolla sign because he's actually one of my favorite artists who I wish to work with one day. His versatility is amazing to me and this song is just an instant vibe, the chorus is very catchy, the melodies and the effects were perfectly placed in this song.

2. Bryston Tiller ft Drake - 'Outta Time'

The best songs are the ones that’s relatable and this is one of those ones for me! Who haven't been in a relationship where u both start realizing that maybe you're not meant to be together because you're more toxic being together than being apart. I've been there and these lyrics were spot on with this song.

3. WizKid - 'Essence'

I mean how could u not like this song. Its one of those feel-good songs that u wanna press repeat which is exactly what I do every time lol

4. Drake - '7am On Bridle Path'

I can't live in Toronto and not add the legend Drake, he's a great storyteller and he always and he says it in the sickest way every time. This song I full of punchlines that u have to listen more than one to catch them all.

5. J.Cole ft. TLC - 'Crooked Smile'

This song is what music should be about! It's about the message your putting out there as an artist and this is a Powerful message and very much needed.

Stream 'Same Thing' now:

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