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5 Songs I Love w/ Ellie Grace

British singer-songwriter Ellie Grace revealed her latest spellbinding song, 'Thinking About Her' last month. Dazzling in its raw beauty, newcomer Ellie is showcasing not only her own musicality but additionally her thoughtful song writing skills and her uncanny ability to create an almost visual element to her music through her unforgettable narratives.

After releasing her own LGBTQ+ anthem last month Ellie Grace has put together a list of her top 5 gay-girl track...

Hayley Kiyoko - Chance

How did I get this far without mentioning ‘Lesbian Jesus’?! Hayley is a total legend and some of her iconic songs are almost synonymous with lesbian music, but Chance is one of her new songs and is such a beautiful and heart breaking track about never getting the chance to find out if you would’ve been right for someone.

Fletcher - If you’re gonna lie

Fletcher is one of my all-time favourite LGBTQ artists. Every track she releases is a total win for me, but I think this one gets me every time because the vibe is so fresh and the lyric is so cleverly crafted to capture how addictive the pain someone is causing you can become.

King Princess - Talia

King Princess is another total gay staple for me. Her music is so dreamy and ethereal and still so raw and painfully real. Talia is such a beautiful track and I always ugly sing to the chorus.

Halsey - Strangers

Halsey is an absolute icon and I don’t need to explain why. I’ve chosen Strangers here because it’s an example of a track where she uses female pronouns to describe the subject, as well as being a total bop, but there are so so many of her songs I could’ve included. Also, this features Lauren Jauregui, who is another LGBTQ Queen.

Girls In Red - Girls

Girl In Red’s new album is an absolute serve from start to finish and is a total must-listen, but I’ve decided to add one of her old songs here. ‘Girls’ is a song that I break into at least weekly, whenever anyone suggests something is ‘pretty’ (check out the chorus and you’ll get me). I also love the way the middle 8 section describes the process of understanding and trying to explain your sexuality in those early coming out stages.

You can check out Ellie Grace's latest single 'Thinking About Her' here...

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