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5 Songs I Love w/ Emeka

Following the release of his enigmatic new single 'Deserved', we caught up with rap artist Emeka to find out more about the music he loves and why. Check out his hand picked selection below and don't forget to watch the new music video for 'Deserved' as well!

1. Kieran – Change Your Mind

I enjoy discovering new and unique artists. I recently found out about this artist and song, the flow, the vibe, the delivery… he did a great job on this track and I’m definitely adding him to my list of artists that I aim to collaborate with. Kieran's got huge potential and I'm keen to hear more of his work in future releases.

2. Wretch 32 – Visiting Hours

Wretch 32 has got to be, if not my favourite artist of all-time, he’s top 3. His lyrical genius, his smooth flow, and his consistency are what I’ve appreciated from him over the years. He’s influenced my style, and sound, I’ve learnt a lot from breaking down his lyrics and studying his flow. This song, Visiting Hours, contains a leading candidate for my favourite hook: “If I trust you with my heart, like I trust you with my car, I went rolling”. This man is an underrated genius.

3. Keanu The Pilot – Who’s On What?

Just like Kieran, Keanu is a largely unknown artist, even within the underground scene. On this track Keanu delivers a chill tune with a smooth bounce. I believe Keanu has a huge amount of potential and I’m keen to potentially work with him one day. Keanu my bro, I know you’re only just beginning but let this interview be a testament that I’ve always been a believer.

4. Kano – Pan Fried

Those who know my story know that I’ve always been appreciative of Kano, like Wretch, he’s another UK Lyrical Legend. Kano’s penmanship is pure mastery and this collab with Kojo makes for a brilliant tune. This guy Kano has been doing this for so long, providing the UK with so many great tracks. Another who I’ve spent time studying and learning from.

5. Krept – Last Letter To Cadet

Man. Rest In Peace Cadet. This song by Krept is one I’ve listened to so many times. Cadet was a phenomenal storyteller who was only just beginning his rise to the top of the UK scene. The raw emotion in this song is so powerful, even as I still watch 3 years later. This amazing tribute to Cadet and the legacy he created for himself, and his family is a huge inspiration to me. Cadet was, and forever will be a legend. When the lights go low, and the crowd applause, I never will forget you. You never know how much time you have left, so make the most of it. Dream the dream, live the life you want to see.

Watch Emeka's video for 'Deserved' below:


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