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5 Songs I Love w/ Hattie Oates

We sat down with emerging Australian artist Hattie Oates after the release of her track "YOU COULD LOVE ME BACK" to find out more about her influences.

1. Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes

"To me, this song is perfect. It’s rocky but those 80’s synth lines are what get me excited haha! Growing up with parents that would let the rock chicks rule the speakers, meant that I was inspired by strong female vocalists from the beginning. Kim Carnes was a number 1!"

2. The Heart is a Muscle - Gang of Youths

"Honestly, it’s a religious experience. Especially when I saw it live! Every Gang of Youths song makes me feel things I can’t explain. But this one's for when I decide I'm having an existential crisis and I need to feel like I am exerting my nervous energy, and pumping myself up with hope for the future. Usually paired with an aggressive fast walk through the street, and A LOT of main character energy!"

3. Dear Mr President - PINK

"It speaks for itself…"

4. Wild Love - James Bay

"I’m obsessed with the production of this song. And it literally sounds like James is whispering in my ear…Ok. Yep. It’s just a bit sexy."

5. Perfect Places - Lorde

"An anthem that gets me to the party and home again! This whole album is a masterpiece, I analyzed this album for weeks when it came out. She’s a lyrical queen and I LOVE THE DRAMA. P.S. the day I get to work with Jack Antonoff blah blah blah… that’s me manifesting"

Listen to Hattie Oates latest single 'You Could Love Me Back'

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