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5 Songs I Love w/ Helix

Nostalgia and Melodies are Helix's passion when it comes to music and it's why the Canadian is an artist to keep an eye on.

Helix released his latest track 'Aurora', which allowed the creative to really show off his talent as he is on the come up.

We sat down with the artist to talk all about five songs he loves and why.

1) Exchange - Bryson Tiller

This song, along with “Don’t” by Bryson Tiller in 2016, in my opinion changed the landscape of R&B forever, by including Trap elements into R&B/Soul. Not going to lie, TRAPSOUL was such an amazing album from start to finish, it heavily inspired me to pursue music. The song itself has such a nice vibe, from the sample to the beat. Bryson slides on the beat, the lyrics are on point, and it really gets you thinking. “So give me all of you in exchange for me”. Love the hook. Such a unique take on R&B and of course his vocals are amazing.

2) Lost my Lover - Ali Gatie

Ali Gatie is known for his love songs, like the popular “It’s You”. This song off his EP had such a different vibe from his other songs, he doesn’t really sing his heart out, but the lyrics of the song are so meaningful and that’s what allows this song to shine. I’d say it’s underrated and a hidden gem in his album “You”. “Isn’t it ironic the one I dream about is the reason I can’t sleep.” This line hits so hard. I’m a sucker for sad songs and lots of emotion so this song is right down my alley. Goes to show how powerful lyrics can be. This song definitely inspires me to write more. He’s also a humble artist, and made it a different way from others, while staying true to himself. I respect him.

3) December (Feat. Luca) - Anders

Anders is definitely an artist who I look up to. He went to my highschool so he’s living proof that anyone who works hard and works on their craft can make it. This song off his album 669 is definitely one of my favourites alongside “You for You” and “Diamonds”. It has it’s own Trap R&B vibe, different from Bryson Tiller. But that’s the beauty of art. Everyone expresses themself in a different style that is unique with similar elements. My favourite lyric in the song is “Shawty born in September, made me fall in November.” Clever use of wordplay. Definitely check out Anders other works!

4) Sorry - 6lack

This song is Timeless. Off of “East Atlanta Love Letter” by 6lack. Before this song the go-to sad boy hours song for me was “Marvin’s Room” by Drake. After hearing this, I never go to Marvin’s Room anymore. Just by the lyrics I can tell 6lack put his heart and soul into it. My favourite lyric from the song is “Can find me somewhere writing when I’m wrong.” Such clever use of wordplay. The rest of the song has many great powerful and relatable lyrics to get you in your feels. I love the piano, and violin in the song as well. I feel like lot’s of songs nowadays are missing classic instruments. The use of them in concert with each other in the song sounds so beautiful. I won’t stop listening to this song for a long while.


PARTY nails the late night drive music. This song hits so hard in the car speakers. It’s so toxic, relatable, the vibe, the atmosphere. Amazing. This came out in November and I was bumping it all throughout the depressing Canadian winters and it was perfect. The lyrics are too good. Favourite lyric in the song is “Hurt me then tell me man up, hurt me then tell me stand up”. That hit so hard. One of PARTY’s best songs off his album, honorable mention to Savage Anthem. Excited to see what he comes up with while he disappears again.

Have a watch of his lyric video below and a listen to the latest release.



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