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5 Songs I Love w/ Inki

Following the release of Inki's stunning new single 'This One For Me', we wanted to find out more about what inspires her unique sound. Check out some of Inki's favourite songs below and be sure to listen to her latest release too!

1. Chorus by Holly Herndon

 Let‘s start with something experimental - Holly Herndon. I first came across her music when

studying for my masters in Composition at Mills College in California. But Herdon is another Mills College graduate, and the school was very proud of her claim to fame.


In the song, Chorus, she is exploring the intersection of technology and the human form.

The music video is a must-watch. If you like this track I also recommend checking out

Grounded by Icelandic artist Inga Magnes Weisshappel.


2. Supertime by Berndsen

 And just because I mentioned a music video, one of my favorites came to mind. It is called

Supertime by Icelandic artist Berndsen. In his music, Berndsen uniquely blends synth-pop,

retro-inspired electronics, and some 80s sounds. It is my favorite Icelandic music video.


3. Canopeé by Polo and Pan

 It is summer, so I have to include something summery and uplifting. Canopeé is the perfect

feel-good summer song, mixing electronic beats with an exotic and tropical flair, and we

have to agree that there is just something so soothing about vocals in the French language.


4. Black Swan by Thom Yorke

 When listening to music I don‘t listen to the lyrics. Instead, I get stuck in some strange sound

design details: a great bass line, or interesting polyrhythms. I can listen to the same song

1000 times without knowing what it is about.


Thom Yorke is a specialist in making music for people like me. He is a genius at creating

complicated, intricate rhythms, often using odd time signatures and interesting bass lines.

But he also manages to blend his experimental soundworld with something that is

accessible to a lot of people.


5. Weird Goodbyes by The National feat Bon Iver

 I like the sound of the drums in this track, very drum machine-like. The National knows how

to create a moving melody, so I feel that this song can be emotional if you give it active

listening. But it also doesn‘t scream for attention, so it lives a good life on my „writing

emails playlist“, among with other songs that do not require active listening.

Listen to 'This One For Me' below:



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