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5 Songs I Love w/ Jeaux

Following the release of his track, 'Soul Food', we caught up with the talented artist, Jeaux, and asked spoke about his top 5 favourite songs. Find out more below:

Best Rapper Alive - LIL WAYNE

Being that I am a New Orleans native I couldn’t do this without adding lil Wayne! These two songs here, are by far my favorite songs from a WAYNE ALBUM. The gotchic/cryptic choir sample in the song sets a mood! However, the way Wayne jumps on the track and declares that he’s the greatest is what makes it for me. First song I heard as a kid where a rapper put himself on a pedestal and let it be known he couldn’t be touched.

Don’t You Forget It - Glenn Lewis

I had a friend when I was 17 show me this song. For some reason, I haven’t been able to escape it. It inspired me to be who I am today as an artist. The video itself is just beautiful. The storytelling behind the video matches the words. The melody “And don't you forget it, Don't you forget your way home for that little girl, hold on to your world” The rhythm is such a groove! As soon as it starts you can’t help but move to it. The message, the music, and the video are second to none.

Floods- Lucky Daye

I’m all about paying homage to the city that birthed me. Lucky Daye is another New Orleans native! He teamed up with a producer who I’ve been a fan of since a child; D.Mile. The intro to floods starts off with a string section! It’s rare that we see people using real instruments in their music nowadays. But I think for me that’s what sucked me in. Bro doesn’t make a bad song. The history of the song is beautiful too, apparently, he wrote this off of Hennessy which just showed the juxtaposition of being able to create beauty out of pain. 

Overjoyed - Stevie Wonder

This song is a classic. However, the way I heard it was not in the usual way. Michael Jordan had a commercial for one of his retro sneakers that also featured the song with Mary J Blige singing, I remember being a kid and loving MJ but beyond that, I remember the way I felt when I saw the commercial. The song spoke to me as a 5-year-old, but it wasn’t until 13 that I was reintroduced to it by my father.

Girl- The Internet

This song is almost like a reminder to me, music is an experience. From beginning to the end. I love the way they blend the harmonies during the hook. It’s so much I can say. But the song is just a vibe 

Make sure to watch Jeaux's latest video to 'Soul Food' below:

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