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5 Songs I Love W/ Jessica Nicole Brown

Jessica Nicole Brown has just returned with her explosive new single 'Hoopla La La', a fiery single which blends elements of Hip-hop, Rock, Punk and R&B to create a strikingly unique sound. A move away from her earlier, more thoughtful, gentle R&B releases, the track demonstrates her versatility as an artist as well as the range of her musical influences.

It left us intrigued about her taste in music, so we asked Jessica about 5 of her favourites. Over to Jessica:

It was tough to just pick 5 lol, but welcome to my mini musical world!

Aly & Aj – Potential Breakup Song

From time to time, I add some throwbacks to the rotation. Sometimes, that hint of nostalgia just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy haha. But when this song came out, I thought it was so cool! It was a little edgier than what I was used to seeing on Disney channel and that girl was killing the guitar!

Michael Jackson – You Rock My World

Besides Michael Jackson being the obvious King, I’m obsessed with this song! I’m a huge fan of music videos that are like short films. That’s what a lot of my music videos have ended up being and it’s not always intentional. But the richness of the colors in the video gels beautifully with the richness of his


CNCO – No Apagues la Luz

Y’all may not know this about me, but I LOVE learning new languages. Right now, I’m learning Spanish. I love to listen to the music in whatever language I’m learning at the time. I’ve actual loved CNCO before I took learning Spanish seriously. But this song specifically, it’s been on repeat ever since the day it cameout! It was just so different from the style I’ve heard them do before! I’m obsessed with it! I can’t wait until I work with them! (just picture a winky face emoji lol)

Dominic Fike – 2

I know this is just a snippet of a song, but I still love it. I just love how versatile Dominic is. I just know his new stuff is going to go crazy! I can’t wait to work with him as well! (picture another winky face emoji lol)

P1Harmony – Doom Du Doom

Going back to what I was saying about learning languages… Korean is on my list, but I need to get through Spanish first man! But I really love this song. I LOVE the strong guitar in this song and the flow that they have. I also love that in many of their videos, they’re very inclusive with different races and genders. I don’t see that in a lot of K-pop videos. They also seem like really nice boys.

I know my music taste is all over the place, but that’s also how I am lol. I hope I was able to put you onto to some heat. My new song “Hoopla la la” is out now as well. Let me know what you think! (peace hand emoji lol)

Listen to the brilliant new single from Jessica Nicole Brown below:


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