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5 Songs I Love w/ Jillelli

Following the release of her new track 'Stoic', we caught up with Irish artist Jillelli to find out a bit more about the music she loves and why. Check out Jillelli's hand-picked tracks below and make sure to listen to her latest single 'Stoic'!

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

A hallmark of 80’s synth-pop, I must listen to West End Girls on at least a weekly basis. This song feels so cinematic. I love the indulgent long intro with the slowly sweeping synths against the urban backdrop and Neil Tenant’s voice smoothly narrating on top of it all.

Jamiroquai - Blow Your Mind

Easy Listening on steroids, I’m a fan of most of Jamiroquai’s early music but Blow Your Mind is especially special.

Moloko - The Time Is Now

The follow up track to their anthem ‘Sing It Back’, The Time Is Now is a warm and eloquent delivery of noughties disco-pop. I adore how Roisin Murphy’s vocal pierces sweetly through the unrelenting beat and infectious guitar.

Mos Def - Umi Says

Jazz hip-hop is one of my favourite sub-genres and Mos Def’s Umi Says is a stunning representation of the form. Interestingly this song is the A-Side on a record that has Carl Craig’s techno classic ‘Sandstorms’ as the B-Side. I’m not quite sure how such a pairing came about but if anyone knows please let me know!

Fontaines D.C - Jackie Down The Line

A wonderful track from Irish band Fontaine’s D.C, Jackie Down The Line’s lyrics and melodies are as enticing as they are memorable which is why I’ve had this on repeat lately. It was actually my Dad who put me on to Fontaines D.C and brought me to see them live and I’d recommend catching one of their shows if you can.

Jillelli - 'Stoic':

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