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5 Songs I Love w/ Julian Kerins

Following on from a wave of high profile live appearances at SXSW, Great South Bay Music Festival, & Bunbury Music Festival, performing alongside Greta Van Fleet, MGK, Fall Out Boy, and The 1975, award-winning musician Julian Kerins recently returned to release his stunning new album To Solemn Maia, a sonic blend of jazz, soul and folk.

With such a diverse array of influences behind him, we felt it suiting to find out more about the music that has inspired him over the years. So we thought we would find out which five songs have best given rise to the sound that is Julian Kerins.


Moses Sumney - Polly Punch Brothers - Familiarity  Sigur Rós - Varúð The Bad Plus - Pound for Pound

Antonio Vivaldi - Vedrò con mio diletto

"I've picked these 5 (in no particular order) out of love for music that elicits emotions and brings catharsis. All of the works named above have brought me to tears from their sheer beauty and devastating emotional candor. Music that mirrors my experiences so acutely and so truly is rare. When I happen upon music that does I often carry it with me lifelong. Encapsulating humanity in music is the heart of the art. Words are a means to meaning, but the source of meaning lies in the ineffable. These pieces exemplify that."


Have a listen to Julian's picks on Spotify and watch the live rendition for his latest single 'Jejunity' below.


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