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5 Songs I Love w/ K.G. Roberts Band

Following the release of their anthemic new single 'Pretending', we caught up with The K.G. Roberts Band front man K.G. to find out more about the music he loves and why! Check out his selection below and if you're a fan, be sure to listen to the brand new single.

1. The Black Crowes- 'She Talks to Angels'

This song holds a special place for me because I have several memories of singing this song at karaoke both drunk and sober. It is how I conquered stage fright. Honestly, it is just a great simple song that speaks to me on many levels.

2. Survivor- 'Eye of the Tiger'

I also just plain love this song! This song IS the reason I started to even want to play the guitar. From the very moment I heard the overdriven electric guitar, I knew, I just knew I just HAD to play the guitar!

3. Stevie Ray Vaughan- 'Life by the Drop'

Now, I had to add this song. It's probably not my favorite SRV song. But, it personally speaks to me as I am myself a recovering alcoholic/addict. And, who can complain about raw acoustic guitar and the legendary SRV!! SRV in general is responsible for my never ending tone chasing saga.

4. The Beatles- 'Let it Be'

OK. So, 'Let it Be', there are two versions of this song that I have heard on the radio. I believe the raw guitar solo is on the actual original album version. That is the version that I love!! George Harrison's raw guitar solo, to me, makes the song as great as it is. Also, the remake for the movie 'Across the Universe' with Carol Woods, is a fantastic gospel rendition of this song.

5. Wilson Pickett- 'Hey Jude'

Yes!! Just, Yes!! I love this song because, how could I not!? Wilson Pickett's gruff, soulful vocals over 'Sky Dog' Duane Allman's guitar playing with The Swampers backing them up at Fame Studio in Muscle Shoals, AL. Enough said.

Listen below:



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