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5 Songs I Love w/ Kailaya

We caught up with rising R&B/pop artist Kailaya following the release of her gorgeous and emotional new track 'Blueberries and Pain'. Find out more about the music Kailaya loves and why below and check out 'Blueberries and Pain'!

1. Stay by NNAVY

Stay is a record I could and do listen to quite literally every day. The simplicity of the melody and sultry vocals live as a surprise everyday. I am drawn into the production, it is so powerful. The biggest reason for this song choice is ultimately the emotions it brings out it me. Peace and Quiet. It is a song I sing to feel better and quiet my mind. Which is a rare occurrence haha. Nnavy is beyond talented and is now a part of my daily vocal routine.

2. Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D'angelo

I love D’angelo. This piece in particular draws me in from the first drum beat. it is so simple yet so intentional. every single word. Just a feel good song overall. The stacked melodies are ear candy and the way that the vocals come in so soft and gentle… gets me everytime.

3. On My Mind by Kenyon Dixon

Again, with this drum beat. I can feel the inspiration from D’angelo as well. Kenyon is so soulful and connects us through his harmonies and melodies. The production can fill the whole room.

4. Blue by Sarah Isen

This is one of my personal favs. It is sung by a good friend and talented singer Sarah Isen. I use this record to also grow my vocal skills and runs, learning from Sarah. The control of the vocals and melodic choices are absolutely stunning. I love the poeticness yet clear message that comes through. I connect to the sadness and it helps me free myself of emotions when I sing this record. I also am struck by the guitars and production quality each time i listen. Definitely a daily song for me as well.

5. Butterfly by Cleo Sol

I discovered this one a few years ago. Ive listened to it on the road up to the mountains, on the beach side, by the fireplace. Each time it dives me deeper and deeper into my present moment. Cleo’s voice is so deep and her sustained notes are hauntingly beautiful. I love the metaphors and poetry within these lyrics. It feels like there is so much to dive deeper into. The simplicity in production is perfect. Guitar and vocals plus those harmonies are all we need to feel the emotions within this piece. Truly a one of a kind listen.

Listen to 'Blueberries and Pain' below:

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