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  • Alice Smith

5 Songs I Love W/ Lance Rodriguez

Following the release of his debut album 'Empath', we caught up with California singer-songwriter Lance Rodriguez to find out more about what goes into his eclectic sound and songwriting style. If you like Lance's picks be sure to check out 'Empath at the end of the article.

1. Waiting In Vain - Bob Marley

"Bob Marley is my inspiration. What he stood for, the quality of the message in his music, he was a movement. I have always dreamed of positively impacting the world on his scale, a true timeless legend. "

2. Night Moves - Bob Segar

"This song speaks to me because I love the way it can make you reminiscence about an experience, a memory, a feeling, a moment. Memories are truly all we’ve got and this song gives me that sense of raw emotion to me. The way this song can take me back in time is what stands out the most."

3. Too Much - Drake

"The raw emotion of this track says it all. Drake can make you FEEL, like instant nostalgia. I love the live piano sample and his lyrical content."

4. In Your Atmosphere - John Mayer

"Hands down my favorite John Mayer songs. He released it solely as a live recording, to me it feels more about the music than the song’s marketability. The story he tells of not wanting to return to LA, WHILE in LA, is special."

5. Planez - Jeremih ft J Cole

"I have probably played this song more than any other over the past 7 years. Majorly inspired not only by the amazing vocals, lyrics, and melodies of Jeremih and J. Cole but also the production. This song is timeless, I am inspired to create timeless music that I hope can be played for generations to come."

Listen to Lance Rodriquez 'Empath'


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