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5 Songs I Love w/ Low.bō

Alternative R&B riser Low.bō recently unveiled his new single, 'Down On My Luck'.

The track offered up thought-provoking lyricism and a mix a genres, which made us want to find out more about the music this artist loves.

Check out his hand-picked section below and don't forget to listen to 'Down On My Luck, out now!

1. Big Mike’s - Dijon

If I could send the entire album I would but this song right here is amazing. The delivery, passion and just raw energy put into this song makes you wish you were in the room with them when they were making it (plus him also being from Maryland it’s like a pride thing knowing that artists like this are coming from my ends as well). Top tier song.

2. Conversion - Khruangbin

Khruangbin + Leon Bridges already is an insane combination but when they made this song it just mixed so much of everything I was dealing with into a song, I could resonate with everything being said; plus just the nostalgia factor of when I used to go to church with my family, it just brought up a lot of memories and the twist of psych rock with subtle Christian lyricism was interesting to see especially from a major artist.

3. Dial - Nali

Although she’s still underground, every song she’s put out has been a banger but this song? Everytime i hear it I have to send it to someone & it just makes me wanna harmonize with it whenever it comes on; Smooth vocals, smooth delivery and just a lot of energy behind the lyrics as well, overall an amazing song.

4. Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

I’ve started diving more into rock music the past 8 months but Soundgarden stood out to the most outside of Nirvana; Although this is one of their biggest hits, the way they broke down the track instrumentally and the simplicity of the song is exactly what it needed with its complicated instrumental patterns and even the music video is just insane, definitely stays in rotation.

5. Mind Mischief - Tame Impala

Another song based on Nostalgia, this song reminds me so much of when I was in college during the pandemic and going on random trips to pass the time; Tame impala is already just a huge staple in my music library but just knowing Kevin parker did everything for these songs, just always gives me a push to do more for my own music but his music just always reminds me of summer, it never fails to take me back there.

Listen to 'Down On My Luck' by Low.bō:

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