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  • Alice Smith

5 Songs I Love w/ MARG

Following the release of her latest single '5am Wasted' we caught up with Chinese-American pop artist MARG to get an insight into what goes into her eclective sound. If you enjoy MARG's picks be sure to check out '5am Wasted' at the end of the article.

1. Fire For You - Cannons

"I can never get sick of this song. When I first heard it I played it nonstop for months. They put some kind of magic in this track haha. I've been listening to this song since 2021 and it has made my top every year."

2. Pretty Little Fears - 6LACK ft. J Cole

"LISTEN. THIS SONG… TUGS at my heart strings. The FEELINGS I got when I first heard it. ( again- kept on repeat) Im an emotional listener and when a song hits me there I listen to nothing else for a long time. The cute little drums sounds and just everything about the production makes me actually want to like launch myself off a skyscraper."

3. Oh No - Biig Piig

"As I’m making this list I’m starting to realize it’s the same feeling/story I get for each song that hooks me haha. I remember listening to this song on the trains in Tokyo and South Korea earlier last year and it’s sooooo nostalgic to me :’’) . This song is so sonically satisfying and was my #1 2023 Spotify wrapped song."

4. Hide & Seek - Stormzy

"This song is just sexy idk. The vibe fills the space. It makes so like "ahhhh lets vibeeeee" nothing matters lets just enjoy the moment."

5. Since I Had A Lover - 6lack

"Ok so - surprise surprise - this song makes me actually feel happy and uplifted. 6lack is just so talented. It’s hard for me to explain I’m not a huge technical listener what hooks me is a feeling that just hits me deep in my soul. This song makes me want to eat strawberries with my soulmate inside of a sunset on a cloud."

Watch MARG '5am Wasted'


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