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5 Songs I Love w/ Nastiya Kai

Pop songstress Nastiya Kai is back with her latest track, "Liar," an exploration of toxic love that is available for streaming today. With powerful vocals and even more powerful lyricism, this offering is sure to make waves. We sat down with Kai to discuss her favorite songs, and how they've influenced her artistry thus far.

  1. Dealer - Lana Del Rey

"I think this is one of Lana’s best performances. Most of her songs are very dreamy but I feel like this one’s very different and I’d say even a little unusual for her. You can almost hear her pain in the way she cries the 'I don’t wanna live.' And also the dealer metaphor is very interesting to me it’s almost like a last resort for that person to try and find her. The drama of it is just amazing it gives me goosebumps every time."

2. Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

"I am aware that this is a very basic choice of a favorite song but I listen to it on repeat a lot. First of all, it motivates me for a lot of obvious reasons. Second, the electric guitar gives me goosebumps cause it’s so subtle but it pulls the entire song together."

3. Youth - Daughter

"I spend my teenage years basically suffering to this song. I’m an extremely emotional person so whenever a song pierces me through the heart I’m stuck listening to it for life and 'Youth' does this every time. I think it’s so beautiful written. I’m obsessed with Daughter in general I think they’re definitely in the top 5 best songwriters ever in my opinion. I love how their lyrics are metaphorical, poetic, yet very relatable and understandable. "

4. Wait - M83

"I don’t think I need to explain this one. M83 is like a modern day orchestra. I went to see their show the other day and was blown away. So the thing is , I walk every day. And I walk about 15-20k steps if the city I’m in allows it. I’m in my head a lot and I think way too much. So 'Wait' is one of my walking songs. I turn it on when I leave the house and let my mind wonder. You’d be surprised how many thoughts and ideas come up as this song changes so many times, there’s so many layers to it that it will take you on a journey of your own emotions."

5. Happy - Oh Wonder

"It’s not a song I listen to every day but whenever it comes on my mood is instantly lifted. I feel like this song was initially supposed to be a ballad. I may be wrong. But it’s so upbeat and catchy and fun. I just love it."

"Liar" is available across streaming platforms.

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