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5 Songs I Love w/ Nescy J

Following the release of R&B riser Nescy J's track 'OVERDUE', we wanted to find out a little bit more about her musical loves. Nescy J's unique style is inspired by some of the songs and artists below, so if you love these you'll be sure to be a fan of Nescy J! Listen to her picks and don't forget to watch the music video for 'OVERDUE' below.


I first remember this song being played at home by my late Grandmother and along with my Mum and Aunt they would sing it at the top of their voices and dance around the lounge like they were in a music video. It was a song always on repeat and is still in my Mum’s favourites on her play list and we sing it together usually in the car. Every generation at sometime has picked this song up and when they discover it some assume it’s a new track. It is testament to its genius that is was first released almost 40 yrs ago! It is Chaka Khan’s signature track but was nearly given to Michael Jackson for his Thriller album because Warner Music wanted to release another song first but relented and it became number one in the R&B chart. I would challenge anyone to listen to this track and not sing along to it, I’ve tried and its impossible!


Mary J Blige is the epitome of R&B female vocals for me. Her blues drenched voice is poured into every lyric she sings and you can hear the pain in her voice, she tells the story with pure emotion, she bares her soul and holds nothing back and that’s what any singer aspires to do. It was written after she had broken free from an abusive relationship but for me its a song that I listen to when I

feel I need some time out or just want to get in my feels. It’s a very empowering song about survival and strength.


For me its the Jennifer Lopez sample of “If You Had My Love” on this track that elevates it to one of my most loved tracks. Quite a sad lyric about how a boy loves a girl but he’s indecisive about their relationship and he gets distracted by someone else but then maybe he does want to be with the first girl. DRAKE is a lyrical master and always seems to convey perfectly the state of play in many of our generations lives, hence the anticipation for any album he releases, all the memes saying, “Just waiting for DRAKE to tell me how I’m feeling today!” It is one of the few tracks I’ve covered on my YouTube channel too.


ARZ recorded his debut EP ‘Love Letters’ during lockdown and this track became his first hit after it went viral on Tik Tok. During lockdown is when I really started to focus on my song writing and when I began creating my EP with Darren Martyn at DM Unsigned and can only hope I can have some success like ARZ has. It is unusual for a song in the rap genre to be so romantic and that’s why it feels fresh. ARZ raps about how he wants to give his girl flowers, kisses and watch movies together and that it isn’t just about sex for him. It sounds like an old school R&B lyric about the importance of love and romance in a relationship and in my opinion it has been beautifully conveyed in modern language by a very talented MC.


This song is on mine and my best friends ‘Getting Ready’ playlist. There are a lot of other tracks on that playlist but to be honest its good to feel like a bad bitch sometimes but no better time than when your with your girls, doing each others hair and make-up, laughing together, choosing fits for each other and discussing boys. It’s a feel good song with an infectious HIP HOP beat coupled with R&B vocals from Jeremih, it’s the perfect mix. The lyrics are celebrating how French Montana has his perfect woman by his side and who wouldn’t want someone to feel like that about them? Add it to your ‘Getting Ready’ playlist if you have one and if not make one and put this track at the top!

Nescy J - 'OVERDUE'


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