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5 Songs I Love W/ Park Days

Park Days, the new side project from acclaimed indie-poppers Dutch Criminal Record member Sam Thrussell just released his shimmering debut single 'Down And Out'. An elegant display of his ability to write infectious melodies and well thought out, intricate guitar lines, the single really resonated with me and left me wondering what kind of music Sam listens to...

Over to Sam with five of his all time faves:

Coldplay - Sparks

There had to be at least one Coldplay song in my list as they are the band that started it all for me in fact I could easily have filled this top five purely with Coldplay songs but if I only had to pick one it is this. The balance and arrangement between the electric guitar, bass and piano is perfect and the song itself is just so tender and beautiful, the outro riff is simply brilliant 10/10.

Nick Drake - Place To Be

I am a huge fan of Nick Drake as a songwriter and one of his guitar tunings in particular inspired Down and Out. Again there's a couple of his I could have picked but I just love the lyrics in this track especially the line "Now I'm weaker than the palest blue". Such an authentic and sincere songwriter and a constant source of inspiration for what you can do with just a guitar and your voice.

Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains

I love Fleet Foxes and I have my school friend Ed to thank who always used to recommend me great bands regularly. He had a habit of always picking the best song to tell me to listen to first knowing which one would get me hooked. From the moment I first heard it I was instantly enamoured with the mandolin and piano doubled riff and the reverb drenched harmonies were so evocative to me of the great expanse of North America.

The Strokes - I Can't Win

I could have picked the whole of Room on Fire but this track is a personal fave. The way the guitars are arranged are just so clever (they don't get enough credit in this regard) and are always a great source of inspiration for me when arranging my songs, something hopefully you can hear in Down and Out. The solo is rip roaring and nonchalant at the same time what a way to end an album!

The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice

This was the first song I ever heard by The Beach Boys in the spring of 2012. I rushed home from school and put it on after hearing it on BBC News that morning haha, I just couldn't believe how fresh it sounded despite being nearly 50 years old at the time. The opening 12 string guitar riff is incredibly nostalgic and it was something Rob Quickenden (producer / owner of Ford Lane Recording Studios) and I wanted to tap into when recording Down and Out so we doubled some of the riffs with an acoustic to try and capture it. One of the best pop songs ever!

Listen to Park Day's brilliant debut 'Down And Out' below:


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