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5 Songs I Love w/ PAVÉ

Hot on the hells of their galvanic new release 'ANIMAL', we caught up with each member of Manchester's own PAVÉ, to find out more about the songs they love and why. Check out their selection and the official music video for 'ANIMAL' below!

1. Viagra Boys - 'Ain't Nice'

This post punk song's instrumental is a perfect example of complex simplicity. With a repetitive driving bass line with a punchy tone holding down the fort, the abstract embellishments added by guitars, synth, percussion and sax are creative and genius. Lyrically it is a perfect balance of humor and cynicism without being too straightforward or cringe which is tricky to do.. It is a track that I have had on repeat since it has come out and it still hasn't lost it novelty for me. Much respect for Viagra Boys in all their work (a must see live) - Kevin

2. The Dandy Warhols - 'Ride'

2nd song would be Dandy Warhols 1995 ‘ride’. I think they're a band that get constantly overlooked due to the conception they are a one hit wonder band but a lot of there earlier stuff holds its weight today. The guitar tones in ride are beautiful and the minimalist vocal delivery is something I see alot of bands do today which might add to how this song has kept its freshness over the years. In other words its a banger - Jack 3. YONAKA - Punch Bag

Whether I’m hyping myself up for stage, or in need of a little extra confidence boost on a day I don’t feel so powerful, Yonaka’s track, ‘punchbag’ is my no.1 go to! Guaranteed to get me ready to face whatever situation I’m heading for- This is my ultimate go to power anthem - Alanya 4. Loathe - Is It Really You?

Loathe are personally a big inspiration for song writing at the moment, at least for myself. The beefy tones, powerful lyrics and vocal performance and instrumentation, along with an absolute tune of a chorus make this one of my favourites they’ve released. - Ben 5. And So I Watch You From Afar - If It Ain't Broke... Break It

One of my favourite bands. For their weird and wonderful guitar tones, to the dirty gritty bass, to the in your face punchy drums. This song will be sure to get you into a mosh pit and leave you wanting more. - Jordi

Watch the video for 'ANIMAL', out now from PAVÉ:

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