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5 Songs I Love w/ Prince of Sweden

South London-based artist Prince of Sweden recently unveiled his brand new EP 'Kicking out Time'. The listener is taken on an intimate journey of nostalgic lyrics and richly layered jangly rock soundscapes throughout this collection of 4 tracks.

Prince of Sweden is making a name for himself as a versatile artist with a unique perspective and thoughtful craftsmanship, so we wanted to find out more about him, and what better way than to ask him to share some of his all time favourite tunes. Check out his selection below as well as the stream for the new EP 'Kicking out Time'.

1. Bob Dylan - Moonshiner

If I had to pick a favourite song of all time, this would probably be it. I was at a Tallest Man on Earth gig and he played it as his opener. I’d never heard the song before and went home and looked up the setlist and that’s how I came upon it. I don’t think Dylan ever put it on an album, but it’s on one of those Bootleg compilation deals. There’s just something so haunting and magical and lonely and heartbreakingly sad about it.

2. Tom Waits - Clap Hands

Greatest album of all time. The percussion, weird Marc Ribot guitar parts and Tom’s voice. I find Rain Dogs mercilessly entertaining from first to last. I think Clap Hands was the first song I heard off the album, but I could have picked pretty much any tune off the record to put on this list.

3. Black Country, New Road - Sunglasses

Black Country, New Road are awesome. Their lead singer left recently so hopefully they'll be able to continue being brilliant, but their first two albums are well worth a listen. Sunglasses is my favourite. It's manic and chaotic but somehow just about holds itself together during the 10 minutes, all the while sounding like it's about to career off the road and into a tree. This tune is so so good.

4. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Higgs Boson Blues

This was the song that finally got me into Nick Cave. I found his discography kind of impenetrable and if I found a song I liked, it never really led to anything else. But I got obsessed with Higgs Boson Blues and then Push the Sky Away and then Murder Ballads and then Carnage etc etc and I’ve never looked back. I love the structure of it, or lack of structure, and how it flows to a crescendo in such a natural-feeling way, before dropping off again like a wave.

5. Ian Noe - Letter to Madeline

I’ve probably played this song live more than any other. I love playing it, I love listening to it. I’ve seen him three times in London and he’s got an amazing voice and in terms of story-telling lyricism, he’s right up there. It's one of those that just moves me.

Listen to the brand new EP 'Kicking out Time' below:


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