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5 Songs I Love w/ Saadin Dassum

Following the release of his new single 'Tomorrow', we caught up with Saadin Dassum to find out more about the music he loves and why. His eclectic taste is what influences his unique sound, so if you enjoy the tracks below then be sure to add 'Tomorrow' to your playlist. You can watch the music video for the new single below.

Saadin Dassum:

Nico and Vinz – When the day comes

Let’s kick off the list with a song I heard when I first arrived at the US for college. I was exploring a place which was new to me and I was ready to make something of myself. While on a drive to the dorms, this song came on. It was so full of upbeat, happy harmony, despite its lyrics speaking of conflict and struggle. It became part of the soundtrack to my first year in college. It completely recharges my grit and determination. Plus, the music video’s adorable. There’s no way you can watch it and not go “aww” at the end.

Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours

Ladies and gentlemen, we got him. Everyone loves a good meme, and this song was part of one, but it’s so much more than that. Everything about it is so cool; from its drop, to its funk production, to its rotoscope acid-trip music video. It honestly gives me such a good feeling. I want to get up and dance when I listen to it. Fun fact: it apparently inspired Bruno Mars’s Treasure, and Breakbot is registered as one of its songwriters.

Serú Girán - Mientras Miro las Nuevas Olas

There is no Saadin Dassum without Argentine Rock, so I’m handing you all a song in a foreign language (I know, the horror). Long story short, in 1970s Argentina, you were either a good with metaphors or the dictatorship would censor and then disappear you (in that order). So, the notable musicians of that time were phenomenal. The group Serú Girán was a legend among legends. This song is packed with singer Charly Garcia’s nostalgia for a time before the dictatorship, and it’s both exciting and melancholic.

Daft Punk – Touch

I LOVE Daft Punk. Aggressively. Random Access Memories is probably my favorite album of all time. Touch is a journey, and a film-like experience that does so much in the relatively little time it lasts. Every instrument is perfect, every synth is on point, and every texture is crisply laid in the mix. The song is an audio experience about the cycle of a relationship, and the what it is to feel the warm touch of someone you’ve fallen for. Touch is an absolute masterpiece.

Queen – Under Pressure

It’s the terror of knowing what this world is about. What LYRICS. What A SONG. There’s nothing more I’d ask for from a collab between two of my favorite acts. Other than containing some of the only good scatting that’s ever been recorded, it’s got such a human message of how pressure can crack down on us, and how the world can be a scary place. However, an out is offered, and it’s the one thing we can all hope for: love. Bowie’s closing stanza tears me up pretty much every time I listen to it. Dare to give love, everyone.

Check out Saadin's music video for 'Tomorrow' now:

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Photo Credit: Mariana Diaz


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