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5 Songs I Love w/ SirSchub

Following the release of his new EP release 'Someone Else's Stories', we wanted to find out more about the music SirSchub loves to understand the unique sound that he has to offer. Check out his selection below and if you're a fan make sure to listen to the new EP which is out now!

1. Good News (Ya-Ya Song) - MUNA

I remember the exact moment I heard “Good News” by MUNA for the first time. I was back in my hometown because my dad was dying, and every day I was going for a walk around my neighborhood to get some exercise and clear my head. Spotify suggested this song for me, and while listening to it I felt something joyously profound that I still don’t quite have the words for. Maybe it’s a bit ironic that while grieving I found comfort in a song with the lyrics “...but the good news is if you don’t like life, they say it doesn’t last so long,” but I did. It was a song I had on repeat for weeks, and it still means so much to me. It also got me listening to MUNA again, and they’re one of my favorite artists now!

2. See the Day - The Altogether

Silo was one of my favorite albums of 2020 - very rarely do I listen to an album in its entirety over and over again, but I couldn’t help myself here. The first time I heard this version of “See the Day,” I cried on my parents’ couch for half an hour. There’s a gentleness to it that both hits hard and comforts me simultaneously– I’ve joked before that if I’m listening to this song, I’m either having an incredible time or an awful one! I’m still so moved by the first line - “The sun is rising up half the way / I never thought I’d see the day” - that I plan to get a tattoo representing it.

3. If It’s Not With You - Phoenix

Phoenix’s “If It’s Not With You” is one of my all-time favorite songs. My freshman year of college was very difficult, and this song helped me find joy when it was tough to find. The album it’s on, Alphabetical, also influenced my music a lot - using voice as a background instrument is still a staple in my music, and for a while I was trying to imitate their lyrical style with long lines of metaphor. I also think the synth interludes in this song are so fun - I want to play with that kind of sound at some point!

4. Don’t Judge Me - Janelle Monae

Dirty Computer was one of my favorite albums in college – it’s an incredible work of art – and Janelle Monae is still one of my music go-tos. The melody in “Don’t Judge Me” is one of my favorites on the album - Monae has an incredible voice, and they make this melody sound so clean and full of emotion. That plus the instrumentation makes this a frequent re-listen for me; the swell of the strings, the gentle guitar, followed by Monae’s smooth vocals– it’s beautiful.

5. Hate Myself - dodie

Dodie’s songwriting and voice are lovely as always in “Hate Myself,” but I’m specifically in love with the texture of this song. It plays with contrasting rhythms in excellent ways and it’s wonderful to listen to! I particularly love the bridge to the end of this track for that reason - all of the percussion, melody lines, and harmonies come together in such a rhythmically interesting way. I get chills every time “I don’t think they get it” comes in during the final section. I’ll sometimes listen to this song on repeat for a silly amount of time for that part alone.

Listen to 'Someone Else's Stories', the EP, out now:



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