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5 Songs I Love W/ Sonya Glass

Singer/songwriter Sonya Glass has just released her reflective track, "Horoscope." The indie song tackles the idea of creative monotony, asking a lover to come over and give reassurance despite feeling down. With acoustic guitar and her stunning vocals, Glass provides the perfect soundtrack to any melancholic moment.

We sat down with her to discuss where she gets her inspiration, and what is playing in her headphones!

1. Back To Black - Amy Winehouse

"This song made me absolutely fall in love with Amy Winehouse. Lyrically it is incredible but her delivery of the lyrics gut punches me every time I listen. I can hear and connect to her pain."

2. Winter - Tori Amos

"I heard this song for the first time when I was around 7 years old. It was the first song I remember hearing and thinking, someone understands what I feel and how I feel. It was also the first song that made me want to pursue music as a career."

3. Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey

"This song is lyrically brilliant. The way she ties together the words to paint this vivid picture. I am not entirely sure what or who she is singing about but I can imagine every image she creates."

4. Nineteen - Tegan & Sara

"This track is definitely one that pulls at my heartstrings. It has always reminded me of those first loves, the ones you think will be forever but aren’t. It takes me back to a more simple time, even though back then I thought everything was complicated."

5. Nobody Gets Me - SZA

"When I first heard this song, I actually cried, haha. It took me completely by surprise. I must have listened to this on repeat for a week when it was first released. SZA’s vulnerability on this track is mesmerizing."

Stream "Horoscope" today.

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