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5 Songs I Love w/ Sour Ops

Following the release of their captivating new single 'How Rock and Roll You Are', we caught up with rock powerhouse Sour Ops to find out more about the music they love and why. Check out their selection below and if you like their choices you're sure to fall in love with their new punk-fuelled offering!

1. The Standells “Riot on Sunset Strip”

I love this kind of mid sixties riff oriented rock & roll. It is raw and yet has some great pop chord changes.

2. Lyres “Help You Ann”

We used to play gigs with these guys in my band The Botswanas. This song has got to be the ultimate Boston garage classic, propulsive and infectious!

3. Mott the Hoople “Rock and Roll Queen”

This song has one of the great guitar riffs in rock history. It has an organic rawness and Ian Hunter’s vocals are fantastic.

4. The Kinks “Celluloid Heroes”

I could have picked at least a dozen great Kinks songs here but this song stands out for its irresistible melody and arrangement.

5. The Velvet Underground “Oh! Sweet Nuthin’”

Doug Yule’s voice on this song conveys a despair and emptiness that perhaps Lou Reed could not have delivered. Nevertheless it is one of my favorite Velvet Underground songs.

Listen to 'How Rock and Roll You Are' below:

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