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5 Songs I Love w/ T R U V O N N E

T R U V O N N E has graced us with a rich and dreamy new offering 'HER'. With a uniquely ethereal sound, T R U V O N N E's artistry can capture the listener's heart with the first listen. We wanted to find out more about the music that the artist herself connects with. Check out her selection below and make sure to listen to 'HER'. More music from T R U V O N N E very soon...

1. Joseph Lawrence & The Garden - 'Celestial'

I love to feel very deeply and I feel like when you can have music that gives you goosebumps as soon as that opening line comes out that's when you know you have something really genuine.

2. Reggie - 'I don't wanna feel no more'

I feel like sometimes there are songs that make you just think retrospectively and you kinda start thinking about your life and how you are really doing lol and this is one of those songs. Calm vocals, calm vibe beautiful subtle instrumentals, I love putting this song on with some wine.

3. FINK 'Looking Too closely'

The Lyrics and vibe to this song just send me. I think it's also because it is so cinematic to me it almost makes you think that your life is a movie and this song is the soundtrack especially when you are on a long drive home from somewhere.

4. Frank Ocean 'White Ferrari'

Frank Ocean is just timeless. This song just makes me feel like I am in a romantic drama and a tear just fell from my eye, I don't know lol I feel this one sonically and spiritually on a different level.

5. Bon Iver 'Roslyn'

Believe it or not my favorite genre of music is folk. I feel like it's just very honest. I love the acoustic guitar, the strings, and just the atmospheric tones of it all. This song always does it for me and puts things in perspective. It just makes me feel happy.

Listen to HER below:

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