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5 Songs I Love W/ Temptress

London R&B-come-alt-pop duo Temptress have just released their new single 'Cuppa Tea' a shimmering, sultry effort displaying the pairs ability to sculpt sumptuous electronic soundscapes as well as showcasing their velvety vocal performances.

The track is totally entrancing and left us wanting to know more about the pair's influences and what music they listen to when they're not creating. Over to Jess and Vlad to fill us in:

Ravyn Lenae - Skin Tight (Alternate) [feat. Steve Lacy]

"We love the way the vocals/harmonies weave in and out making the song evolve & grow.

We also love the original ‘skin tight’ and relate to how a song can go in so many directions & it’s so nice to have both. The sweeping harp & the having no drums gives this a real classic timeless vibe."

The Beach Boys vs. J Dilla - "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times"

Vlad: "When I was 16 and was staying in Bristol to make my first EP, the person I was staying with was a big record collector with an incredible sound system. One morning he said we wanted to play something really special. I’ll never forget the spine tingling, visceral feeling of hearing it for the first time, just a really inspiring, unexpected & brilliant album, this track in particular. I hadn’t heard it for years & the YouTube rip doesn’t quite do it justice it gives the idea."

KAYTRANADA - Intimidated (Audio) ft. H.E.R.

Jess: "This track is really vibey but also emotional, it’s great in the club & also at home. I love putting it on when I’ve got to do something productive, it really helps getting things done. H.E.R.’s vocals combined with classic KAYTRANADA drums is hard to beat. "

Corinne Bailey Rae - Like A Star

"We both had Corinne Bailey Rae’s CD in our parents car when we were younger & it’s a nostalgic, beautiful song. We find ourselves randomly singing it often."

Get Along (feat. Anderson .Paak & Blu)

"The samples, beats, electric guitar, & Anderson .Paak vocals, what’s not to love. Big fan of the intro too."

Listen to Temptress' new single 'Cuppa Tea' below:

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