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5 Songs I Love W/ The Horn

Having released the striking, effortlessly infectious debut single "Passion", The Horn have burst onto the scene with a strikingly complete sound. Comprising of elements of indie rock blended with delicate washing synths and reflective vocal delivery, the track is as accessible and likeable as it is moody and atmospheric. While the guitar riffs showcase an obviously influence of The Strokes, the nuanced nature of the track intrigued us - what music the band listen to? What influences their music?

Here are 5 of their picks:

(White Man) In The Hammersmith Palais - The Clash

"This song is my favourite song of all time and thats a hard pick as I love so many songs from so many artists and genres Sinatra to Pink Floyd, The Strokes to early Bowie, Tame Impala to The Kinks, The Specials to Artic Monkeys, Miles Davis to Jamiroquai… its endless. White Man is so special as its a Punk Reggae anthem that smashes you in the face, lyrically makes you feel mad then uplifted, but with beautiful melody sung with spittle flying all over the place, our song Passion hopefully gives our own flavour of all of that.

I saw The Clash play June 17th 1980, White Man actually in the ‘Hammersmith Palais’ what a spine tingling moment never to be repeated, the whole place went mental. The Palais was a very small venue for The Clash at that time, they played Shea stadium! but they did it im sure for that moment, nowadays there is no trace of ‘The Palais de dance’ its just another boring office block sadly." - Nick True (bass)

Last Nite - The Strokes

"The first band I was in was essentially a Strokes cover band. On a hard drive somewhere is a video of me, about 15 years old, playing an appalling approximation of the guitar solo on top of a small amplifier, desperate for female attention. Not much has changed since then." - Danny Monk (Guitar)

Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley

"At six years old I saw Benjamin Borg in my primary school sing the song into a microphone in the schoolyard and thought: that looks like fun." - Jonny Taylor (vocals)

Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting - Elton John

"Can’t help but be influenced by this rock ’n’ roll heavyweight - the energy with which Elton bashes the keys combined with the freneticism of his vocal makes for extraordinary listening and failed attempts at imitation." - Ed Cox (keys)

She Bangs The Drums - Stone Roses

"The dreamy vocals and overblown drums create this weird ambience that makes everything fit together perfectly. The driving drum beat was definitely my reference point when writing the part for passion." - Alex Moorse (drums)

Listen to The Horn's debut below:

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