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5 songs I love w/ Timothy Robert Graham

We caught up with Seattle-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, mixer, and songwriter Timothy Robert Graham, who has just released his new EP 'Could Be Worse', to find out what music he loves here at FLEX. Check it out below!


The Beths - Silence is Golden

"This song has so much energy! I love how this song explodes from the jump. The dissonance and tension when Elizabeth sing "The Sound" perfectly captures the meaning and theme of the song."

Sydney Prague - Smiley Face

"Just a fun dance song that's secretly sad. Sydney writes such catchy melodies and relatable lyrics."

Deep Sea River - Wishing

"I totally relate to wishing I was someone else. Also the bass and drum groove just kill me in this song."

Porches - Okay

"I feel like the use of auto tune on Aaron's vocals allows him to send it. Somehow it has a punk feeling even though it's kind of weirdo pop. This track has specific beat that I've always liked in old 60's songs. It's like a modern take on a Beatles aesthetic."

Jason Falkner - Author Unknown

"My production mentor, Steven Aguilar recently passed me this deep cut from the late 90's. Totally feels similar to my music. Sarcastic, Beatles vibes, and lots of fun guitar solos."

Check out 'Could Be Worse' EP here:


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