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5 Songs I Love w/ Virtue Scripts

Following the release of the stellar new track 'Heading for the Light' we caught up with Virtue Scripts visionary Prudence to find out more about the music she loves and why.

Check out her hand picked selection below as well as the music video for 'Heading for the Light'!

1. Morgan Wallen - Last Night

In a weird way, I would say it kind of reminds me of the genre of my music ‘Heading for the light.’ With the raw gritty, country, sound. Morgan Wallen has come a long way, and I don’t think his music get enough props.

2. Man, in the Mirror – Michael Jackson

I love the message, “To start with yourself to make a change”. Its, obvious the world needs changes to be a better place, and if we don’t change ourselves, we’ve got on hope (After all these years, it’s still apparent nothings perfect, the world still needs work. We can get as close to perfection and making it a better place by being willing to make that change. So, think about it while reading this. What change would make? And make that change no matter how small it is.

3. Fool Me Twice - Elvin UK

This is a great club banger, and it also keeps me energised and motivated at the gym. I can’t help but sing along. Its, one of them tracks where the music grips you. Its sick, and if you don’t know it, get to know it, it’s good.

4. Search and Rescue - Drake

I’ve had this one on repeat in the car a few days ago. I don’t know if you can relate to what I’m saying, but when listening to music I find myself listen to the beat before the words, and I definitely enjoy listen to this track. Drake’s showing a more vulnerable side, which I like, as we all like real people.

5. ELLA BAILA SOLA - Peso Pluma

Just keeps putting out hits after, hits totally fire, I at home when I first heard it, and I remembered I just stopped and looked up who I was listening to on my apple listing. I love Spanish music, this is called ‘Corridos music’ and this one has a Mexican vibe with a traditional sound, it’s the kind of music you expect to hear everywhere if on holiday out there, or most of Latin America. It’s definitely one to add to my playlist as I like the instruments.



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