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5 Songs I Love w/ WRYT

Alternative artist WRYT has unveiled his latest single 'Risk & Fear'. An impressive offering from the musician, we were instantly captivated by his empowering sound.

Following the release, we wanted to share with you some of WRYT's favourite tracks of all time, it might give you insight as to where he gets his eclectic and unique style from. If you're a fan of any of the tracks below, be sure to check out 'Risk & Fear' below!

1. NIN - Copy of A

The raw intensity and theatricality of NIN is unparalleled, and while there is a decades worth of songs to choose from, ‘Copy of A’ synthesizes all of my favorite elements of their work into one project. I’ve yet to attend another concert that can compete with the brilliance they display in a live setting. The progressive build of this song and its intertwined tension are to me, a masterclass in songwriting and composition. I’m admittedly a music and gear nerd and want to sink my teeth into understanding the intricacies different artists lean into, and NIN continues to show me there’s still much to learn.

2. Thrice - Hurricane

My friends and family would likely just give a blanket statement that every Thrice song is my favorite Thrice song - and they’d likely be correct. To try and help narrow it down, I thought of what song caught me the most off-guard and ‘Hurricane’ came out on top. After their brief hiatus, Thrice returned with their quintessential melodic and throat-punching style - I was floored. I find Dustin Kensrue’s lyrics and vocal delivery to be incredibly moving and intentional. The storytelling aspect is one that I find myself consistently ensuring I’m modeling. Now, I’ve cried at at least 3 Thrice concerts in recent memory, but this may have been the first record opener that I not only cried, but fully brought on that thought of this is what music is meant to do to you.

3. Michael Jackson - P.Y.T.

I’m fortunate enough to come from a music family and was raised on the sounds of Motown and early-soul, pop, and R&B. Earth, Wind, & Fire, Prince, Parliment, WAR, are still artists and groups I can sing and play along to any time I hear them. Michael Jackson was different to me and ‘Thriller’ is still something of a musical bible for me. Focusing solely on this record, P.Y.T. is such a multi-layered track. From the bounty of 80’s synths and instrumentation, to the incredible vocal arrangements/harmonies, this song demands you to move. And frankly, I happily comply any time I hear it. There’s just enough Jacksons/Jackson 5 energy that you can feel Quincy Jones’ imprint coupled with Michael’s genius. Once ‘Bad’ came out, it was hook, line, and sinker for me - but I’ll always consider ‘Thriller’ and ‘P.Y.T.’ to be my true indoctrination.

4. Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away

I was 11 or 12 years old when this song came out, and I can still remember the radio station announcing the premier of this record. As soon as those first chords were struck, I knew I wanted to learn exactly how Lenny created this. For a young grunge kid blasting Alice In Chains, Nirvana, and Foo Fighters constantly, seeing someone that looked like me do this was incredibly impactful on me. It’s the first song I ever learned by ear on guitar, and the one I’m likely to play around with whenever I pick up an instrument. Simple power chords, a driving 4/4 beat, and a soulful voice filled with grit and power - talk about a rock god. I find it to epitomize what a great rock and roll track can offer. Keep the arrangement simple.

5. River - Leon Bridges

I truly feel Leon Bridges has yet to miss. And the fact that he’s younger than me and writing/delivering with such wisdom is quite the mind melt for me. In reality, I’m only more and more proud of him at every corner. The Negro Spiritual is something sacred and I feel he presented a modern take on this in a simple, elegant, and effective way. For me, the video shows the ramifications of life for many persons of color. The raw emotion that’s held back within the songs arrangement is only collapsed in the emotionally painful reality that is far too often out-of-sight, and out-of-mind for none BIPOC individuals. The delivery Leon and bandmate Brittni Jessie deliver is timeless and always floods me with contemplative emotions. It’s perfect.

Check out 'Risk & Fear' by WRYT now:

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