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  • Alice Smith

5 Songs I Love w/Alex Yarmak

Following the release of his latest single 'Roots Grow Deep', we caught up with Ukrainian Alt-Rock artist Alex Yarmak to find out what influences go into his eclectic sound. If you enjoy any of his picks below, be sure to check out his latest single 'Roots Grow Deep' at the end of the article.

1. Soilwork - Two Lives Worth of Reckoning

"Such. An. Underrated. Band. If you like metal music and don't listen to these fellas - you're missing out. They have it all. Technical yet catchy riffs, driving, and melodic vocals, and top-notch songwriting. That's basically why I love melodic death metal, it's the genre that has the perfect balance between progressive and

pop music."

2. BLIND8 - Aevum

"I'm gonna take the opportunity to mention my fellow Ukrainians from BLIND8, who have been releasing bangers throughout the war like there's no tomorrow (literally, haha). I mean, I'm sure you've been in this state where you don't know what will happen tomorrow, so you appreciate simple things and time itself more, because of that. That's basically what this song is about and I recommend you check it out if you like such bands as Bring Me The Horizon, Polyphia, and Linkin Park."

3. Crosses - Sensation

"Do I have to describe why we all love Chino Moreno? He's back with the new PERMANENT.RADIENT EP of his side project Crosses, which impressed me a lot, because I'm a huge Deftones enjoyer. Basically, you get the same Deftones vibe, but more synth-oriented, without the emphasis on the heavy guitars and all that rock stuff."

4. хейтспіч (hatespeech) - ГАВ

"My homies from хейтспіч (Odesa, Ukraine) are reinventing alternative music as we know it. Have you heard someone mixing phonk, heavy guitars, and fast aggressive vocal flow? Me neither, so if you like to hear something fresh - give them a listen. Besides this song, they always experiment and put out different songs in different genres, so I think everyone will find something for themselves."

5. Cane Hill - The Form of Protest

"I just love the industrial vibe of this song. Along with Northlane, these guys make stuff that sounds haunting but makes your head bang at the same time. Low and gnarly riffs, vocals with high testosterone energy, and noisy arrangements make this song a perfect accompaniment for your gym or gaming sessions."

Watch Alex Yarmak 'Roots Grow Deep'



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