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5 Songs I Love w/ Andrea Carax

Updated: Jan 10

Following the release of his latest track, "MAY B U", featuring Denali Nova, we caught with the Italian producer to find out what influences his sound.

1) Beyoncé - Break My Soul

"Renaissance is an album that I listen to everyday. There's no music genre that Queen B can't do. Break My Soul is a special record for me because it made me fall in love with dance music again. Produced by one of my favourite duo: Tricky Stewart & The-Dream and Beyoncé, the production it's perfect, simple, energetic, and motivating, the samples used for the song are accurate and what about Beyoncé's performance? It's everything. This is the song that I listen to everyday that motivates me to keep going and not give up on everything I'm working on."

2) Rosalìa & The Weeknd - La Fama

"When in 2018 I discovered Malamente by Rosalìa I fell in love with her right away. Rosalìa made me fall in love with Latin music, i saw her in concert twice, the first time in December 2022 when she came to Milan with her Motomami world tour and the second time I saw her when she came back to Milan for Coca Cola I-Days. I think Motomami is the best latin album of all time. La Fama is a record that I love because it's not the typical bachata record, but it's so experimental, this bachata percussion mixed with these vocal chops effects that remake the bachata's guitar make the production and the song unique. Rosalìa's vocals are amazing and the fact she brought The Weeknd who sings in Spanish makes the record an international hit!"

3) Snoh Aalegra - Under The Influences 

"Snoh Aalegra made me fall in love with R&B again. During the pandemic I was listening all day long to her album Ugh...Those Feelings Again from track 1 to track 14. But when I listened deeply to her discography and discovered this incredible song Under The Influence you part 1 and part 2 with a guitar solo by John Mayer, i was blown away. Snoh's vocals are incredible and this production brings you back to the Motown era. Snoh created her own genre as she said, called cinematic soul and I think these records represent her own genre in the best way possible."

4)  Rihanna - Needed Me 

"When Rihanna dropped the Anti album in 2016, Needed Me was and is still the song that caught my attention at first listen. Rihanna is one of my muse when it comes to composing and making beats. This song it's so edgy and fresh, the production is unique, this sidechain electronic bass typical of EDM/House music mixed with this R&B drum rhythm and this vocals bounced and sampled in the hook, making this Electro-R&B record incredible. Rihanna's vocals in this record are amazing, in fact she was nominated for Best R&B Performance at the 59th Grammy Awards. I won't ever get tired of listening to this song and I hope Rihanna will drop a new project soon!"

5) Lion Babe & Busta Rhymes - Hared 

"This Alt-R&B / Dance-R&B movement is my favourite music genre and this is the direction of my own project. Lion Babe, Kaytranada, Duckwrth, Channel Trees, Azaelia Banks are currently my main inspiration. BUT, when Lion Babe released "Harder" I immediately jumped out of bed with my airpods and vibing with the records and I was like "THIS IS THE TYPE OF MUSIC I WANNA DO!"... The production is superlative, mixing Dance-R&B and hip hop. I have to say : Astro Raw production on this one is SICK! And Jillian killed it with her rap verse after Busta's verse!"

Listen to "MAY B U"

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