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5 Songs I Love w/Belle

Following the release of her latest single 'Just B U' we caught up with Pop/Rock artist 'Belle' to find out more about her favourite songs and the artist that inspires her the most. Be sure to check out Belle's hand-picked tracks below along with her latest single 'Just B U'.

1. Sk8ter Boi - Avril Lavigne

"I can’t remember a time when I haven’t loved Avril and her music. There’s so much footage from when I was younger rocking out to her songs, I specifically remember skater boy being one of my favourites. I do feel like she’s influenced my own music because it just feels organic for me to go down the pop/rock route. So much love for Y2K and Avril."

2. Ironic - Alanis Morrisette

"Don’t you think! Alanis is truly the queen of rock/ pop. I just enjoy listening to her natural honest vocals so effortlessly nailing her incredibly written tracks."

3. Try - P!nk

"I’ve idolised Pink for the absolute longest time, she’s just insane. I’ve watched her documentary so many times and danced ridiculously OTT in my bedroom to so many of her songs but Try just does it for me. Think I’d actually cry if I met her."

4. Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus

"I mean who doesn’t love this song. It totally captures the angsty spirit we all need a bit of sometimes from its start to the end."

5. The whole 'Midnights' album by Taylor Swift

"Need I really say anymore... I really find Taylor’s writing so enticing and beautiful. I loved watching her documentary too, it made me love her even more! She’s super intelligent and emotionally connected, it totally shows in her music. She also directs with such beautiful detail. I have to say she most definitely gave me the confidence to direct and edit Just B U.

Manifesting her budget though lol! What a woman."

Watch Belle 'Just B U'

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