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5 Songs I Love w/ bellhoss

Following the release of their latest single 'Better Now' we caught up with Becky Hostetler, the mastermind behind Colorado-based indie band 'bellhoss'. To get a better understanding of what goes into the band's eclectic sound we asked Becky to pick out some of her biggest influences. If you enjoy Becky's picks be sure to check out 'Better Now' at the end of the article.

1. Wednesday - Bath County

"A band hasn't hit me hard in years and then all of a sudden Wednesday came out of nowhere and punched me right in the mouth/heart/stomach. I am a fan of raw energy and am absolutely inspired by Karly Hartzman, the front person. The band was outrageously awesome when they played in Denver, too. On this note check out MJ Lenderman's alt -country project which also kicks ass."

2. Midwife - Song for an Unborn Sun

"I moved to Denver thinking I wouldn't find the unusual noise I loved growing up around LA, and then the Lord Themself gifted me with Maddie and her project Midwife. Maddie had been in the Denver scene years before I moved to Colorado and is now out touring with some big acts like she should be, but so wonderfully included me to play solo sets in a couple of her notorious Valentine's Day shows a few years back and I am forever grateful."

3. Moon Pussy - Hurt Wrist

"My fiancé and I first converged our music interests seeing this band at the local music festival in Denver a few years back. He grew up with hip hop and electronic music while I grew up with indie rock, and noise and shoegaze is where we meet in the middle. We both love to dance and bang our heads and we both love Moon Pussy."

4. Frank Ocean - Pink and White

"Only Frank Ocean makes me see the sun when it's raining and this song is so dreamy and soft and hard-hitting it makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time. It's the kind of song I wish I had fallen in love to- like, play it at all my dates please."

5. Another Sky - Apple Tree

"I lived and breathed this song for about a year after it came out in 2019 (and thank goodness since it got me through the beginning of the pandemy)--- every time I could drive my car somewhere (jesus, around the gd block), I'd put this song on repeat and hope that the neighbors weren't listening too hard."


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