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5 Songs I Love w/ Benny St. Peixe

Benny St. Peixe recently released his new EP 'Department of Healing', a beautiful and layered collection of songs that are built up from Benny. The result is a soothing branch of instrumentals which ebb and flow with ease, with the same titled lead single perfectly summing up his unique craft. We sat down with Benny for him to tell us all about his 5 favourite songs, exclusively for FLEX!


1. Conner Youngblood - All They Want is Violence

Conner Youngblood is one of the coolest musicians writing, recording, and performing music today. He takes courageous chances. To try to be an original in modern times is a brave act, and there is only one Conner Youngblood. I am always seeking out new sounds and interesting compositions, and to this date I have not heard another song like “All They Want is Violence.” 

2. Dion - Only you Know

“Only You Know” is a song that got deep under my skin upon my first listen and it continues to make a home in my thoughts. Although I am an instrumental musician, the lyrics on this tune hit as deep as any sonic experience. It makes me think of the love of my life and how I want to be there for her as best as I can. “And only you know where you have been to, only you know what you have been through. But there’s better things you’re gonna get into. And I wanna be there too.” Eu te amo tao tanto. 

3. Astrid Gilberto - Água de Beber

Eu amo o jeita dela. Essa musica transforma dor em beleza! 

4. Paul Sanchez - Jet Black and Jealous

Few songwriters have changed my musical trajectory more than New Orleans legend Paul Sanchez. Paul is one of the greatest ambassadors of the world of music that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I am beyond grateful that his music exists, and “Jet Black and Jealous” is a wonderful encapsulation of all the qualities that make his music a joy to be with. 

5. Bill Frisell - Keep Your Eyes Open

What could I ever write about Bill Frisell that could even come close to approximating how his music makes me feel? This is one of those beyond words situations that will always inspire me to try to make music that hits both deeper and also at a more fundamental than words could ever achieve. Talking about music is a fun exercise in phonetics and vocabulary, but it never really gets to the crux of what music is. Just listening will always do the trick.

Don't forget to listen to Benny St. Peixe's new EP 'Department of Healing' below:


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